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As citizens of Kansas City, MO we ask that the City of Kansas City, MO deny the application (CD-CPC-2019-00055) to rezone parcels on the 4500 block of Troost Ave. as part of the KC Outlook project by developer Faris Farissati.

We believe the application to rezone these parcels should be denied and the project should not be supported with public funds as currently proposed because:

  • The proposed five-story, 60’ tall, buildings are incompatible with a neighborhood of historic one to three-story commercial buildings, apartments, single and multi-family homes.

  • The project does not provide adequate parking on-site to meet the Kansas City parking ordinance.

  • The project would have significant adverse effects on nearby neighbors and the neighborhood that could be avoided with reasonable modifications to the project.

  • The project does not conform to important parts of the Troost Overlay, the Midtown/Plaza Area Plan, and the Troost-Emanuel Cleaver II Redevelopment & Implementation Plan.

  • The project requires exceptions (variances) from significant parts of the Kansas City Zoning and Development Code including height restrictions, parking requirements, density (floor-area ratio), and maximum building frontage.


We also encourage the City of Kansas City to actively work to redevelop these parcels in a way that respects the needs and will of the neighborhood and community as consistently expressed in the Troost Overlay and Troost-Emanuel Cleaver II Redevelopment & Implementation Plan.

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